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Episode 7 Script - Supportive Supervision (Spanish)


Updated 25 Mar 2024
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The Spanish script for Episode 7 - Supportive Supervision

Plot summary:

A new supervisor joins a team of frontline workers (FLWs) who have been struggling to reach their immunization targets. The story opens with a FLW wrapping up a home visit with a caregiver and the supervisor looking on. After the FLW has finished, the new supervisor asks the FLW to report back to the clinic in the afternoon as she wants to individually review progress.

On the way back to the clinic the FLW meets a second FLW in the field who also says that the supervisor has asked to meet individually. The FLWs both feel very nervous that they are going to be chastised for poor performance without the supervisor trying to understand the underlying causes of the low numbers. This concern is based on the way their previous supervisor would only monitor their performance and would scold them for poor performance instead of helping them or taking into consideration their practical challenges.

During the individual meetings, the supervisor asks the FLWs about the challenges they face that are keeping them from achieving their targets. The FLWs appreciate the opportunity to share their perspective and the supervisor acknowledges that the challenges are not due to poor performance. The supervisor commits to personally looking into the issues with vaccine delivery.

The final scene portrays a team meeting. Prior to the start of the meeting, the FLWs discuss amongst themselves how relieved and excited they are following their individual meetings. When the supervisor arrives, she explains to the team that she has developed a system for acknowledging performance improvement and for using peer mentorship to support staff who needs additional assistance. She also encourages the FLWs to come directly to her for help with figuring out how to address difficult cases. The supervisor and FLWs are excited about these new opportunities for sharing and supporting each other so that they can maximize their performance and improve health of the community.


Updated 25 Mar 2024
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