The “Knowledge at UNICEF (K@U)” platform  aims to provides UNICEF offices with an external UNICEF branded web publishing platform which allows them to easily share UNICEF technical knowledge products and makes it easy for UNICEF partners to access them and engage around them.

The platform has been developed to help position UNICEF as a global knowledge leader for children, and ensure that UNICEF as an organization manages, documents, shares knowledge effectively. The aim of the site is to publicly share technical and knowledge products developed by UNICEF including but not limited to guidance notes, toolkits, working papers, research reports, policy briefs. The platform will standardize content production, sharing and dissemination processes, be a single source of truth between internal and external content, strengthen UNICEF's external transparency and support UNICEF's efforts to emerge as a global knowledge leader for children.

The platform allows finalized content that is already stored on UNICEF’s internal Enterprise content Management system in SharePoint to be shared publicly through the K@U site ensuring a single source of truth with consistency between internal and external versions of a document.

It is complementary to the main public website and provides a means to externally share more technical and programmatic information which is not appropriate to share on which is primarily designed for sharing communication and advocacy materials and flagship publications.

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