We are pleased to announce that this year's Annual WASH Global Donor Meeting is scheduled for June 12 and June 13, 2023. This pivotal event convenes esteemed global development allies, strategic technical partners, core members of UNICEF's WASH Global Technical Team, and select UNICEF WASH personnel.  

Spanning a duration of 2.5 hours, each session will begin with a succinct contextual briefing, followed by facilitated discussions among participants. Owing to the virtual format of the gathering, attendees may be invited to submit their questions prior to the event, with an additional provision for real-time responses via verbal contributions or through the chat box. To accommodate participants from different time zones, we have deliberately streamlined the number of sessions. 

Please see the meeting concept notes below. 


The Overall Objectives of the 2023 WASH Annual Global Donor meeting are as follows: 

  • Share and jointly review progress on 2022 Global Annual Results Report. 

  • Share updates on the Strategic Plan 2022-2025 - WASH Programme Results framework, Baseline, Milestones and Targets as well as the programming approaches planned to achieve these results. 

  • Engage in conversations regarding key WASH programming areas such as climate, gender, and systems strengthening. 

  • Provide an update on UNICEF’s humanitarian WASH response and programming in fragile contexts. 

  • Examine how the UNICEF WASH approach synergizes with partners strategies and how can we work together to achieve these results / to deliver on these synergies for WASH Sector outcomes. 


08:00-08:20: Opening & Overview  

08:20-09:40: Reflection on 2022 - Results, Achievements and Lessons Learned  

  • Presentation of Global Annual Results Report 2022 

  • Highlights on Selected Achievements and Lessons Learned 

  • Opportunities for Joint Advocacy and Partnership  

09:40-10:20: Looking forward – Areas for Acceleration 

  • Systems Strengthening 

  • Q&A / Open Discussion  

10:20-10:30: Conclusions, Next Steps 

Expected Outcomes:

Ultimately, the dialogues fostered during this meeting will act as a catalyst for thorough review and reflection on the magnitude and nature of the outcomes delivered by UNICEF WASH programmes. This will be an invaluable opportunity to engage with our partners, collaboratively shaping the trajectory of UNICEF's programming, thereby contributing to the rebuilding and future-oriented "reimagining" of equitable, sustainable, and resilient WASH services. This is particularly pertinent given the ever-shifting complexities of our global landscape. The specific outcomes we aspire to achieve are as follows: 

  • A showcase of our global results to bolster UNICEF WASH programming strategies, future planned results, and funding necessities. 

  • Enhancement of the strategic direction of UNICEF’s WASH Programming through improved quality and coherence. 

  • Sharing of synergies and insights on the most recent evidence and strategic pathways for UNICEF WASH programming at all levels. 

  • Enhanced comprehension of how our collective partnerships can expedite progress towards SDG targets 6.1 and 6.2, and forge stronger linkages with other key sectors to amplify impact. 


Cecilia Scharp

Director, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Climate Energy, Environment and DRR (CEED) 


Aidan Cronin

Senior Adviser, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) 


Davide Simone Nardi

Partnerships Manager • Water and Sanitation Sec, UNICEF NYHQ