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Water Security for All: Proposal for Action

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Updated 14 Feb 2023

An investment opportunity for the private and public sectors

UNICEF is 100 per cent voluntarily funded. Our partnership opportunities are designed to meet your mission or passion, and also achieve our shared ambition for children. We have two ways in which private and public sector partners can invest in a water-secure future for children and their families.

Invest in Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Thematic Funds

For partners and donors who are passionate about water – or interested in supporting across the four packages of investment – UNICEF’s Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Thematic Funds is an ideal option.

The WASH Thematic Funds can be invested in at global or across any of the 65 target countries. This approach allows UNICEF to strengthen systems at scale and direct your funding to water, sanitation, and hygiene results. We know that when we strengthen WASH systems, we don’t just help one child; we make large scale changes for every child at the same time.

The value propositions to the right give an idea of the impact you can achieve across different levels of investment.


per year over three years ($1,050,000) can contribute to the “shift” package in one middle-sized country and support the development of a climate finance proposal through the “catalytic” package.


per year over three years ($1.5 million) can contribute to the “shift” package in two large-size countries.


can support the continuation of the West Africa Solar Hub for one full year, providing technical assistance to 8-12 countries and trainings to over 2,000 technicians.

$2 million

per year over three years ($6 million) can contribute to the “shift” package in four countries, develop four proposals through the “catalytic” package, and contribute to the “scaling-up” package by providing climate-resilient water services to 40,000 people in areas of high or extremely-high water vulnerability.