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Leveraging technology for impact: Lessons from Jharkhand's anaemia testing and treating Application

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Nutrition section, UNICEF India Country Office

Updated 12 Mar 2024
Cover image for the edition derived from the T-3 Application's tutorial video

Digital technologies have advanced more rapidly than any innovation in human history – a moment of change which presents new opportunities to solve problems. Reaching around 50 per cent of the developing world’s population in only two decades; technology can be a great equaliser and can accelerate the achievement of each of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

With the aim to spotlight programmatic approaches that have successfully leveraged technology to maximise impact and fast-track change amidst facilities and communities, in this edition of PoshanWeekly, we are happy to share the example of Jharkhand's Anemia Mukt Bharat (AMB) efforts, spearheaded by the state government and other implementing partners (UNICEF, IEG and NCEAR-A at AIIMS, New Delhi), towards bolstering the testing, treating and tracking of anaemic individuals.  

Despite the successes of AMB T3 camps, persistent challenges remain in tracking anaemia cases and monitoring treatment at every level, along with the necessity for a unified platform for reporting all testing-related data. To address these bottlenecks, Jharkhand has moved to exploring technological solutions for identifying cases of anaemia, monitoring treatment across various levels, and enabling community-based awareness in anaemia control.

As resources from this initiative, you will find an Application overview and a comprehensive user manual which we hope offers insight into leveraging tech-based solutions for enhancing programmatic impact. This edition also features additional resources and examples of tech-based interventions for improved nutrition.

Nutrition section, UNICEF India Country Office

Updated 12 Mar 2024
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