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Illuminating 'unknown' domains of impact and uncovering new practices and pathways for transformative innovation for children

Innovation Nodes are collaborative spaces that reflect and generate novel wisdom in new and unknown areas of potential innovation for children. Innovation Nodes help UNICEF discover emerging game-changing technologies and approaches to benefit every child. We collaborate with preeminent organizations with deep expertise and capabilities to explore and probe known unknowns and unknown unknowns. These transdisciplinary collaborations help reduce our ignorance, risks, and opportunity costs and increase impact for children. 

A variety of knowledge assets are generated from these collaborations and are available from this landing page. These include Insight Reports, which are descriptive and exploratory products that serve as a resource for practitioners and decision-makers to gain awareness of new and unknown areas of potential innovation for children. These knowledge products are shared for the public good for non-commercial purposes. We encourage you to make use of it in line with the indicated creative common or open-source license terms, and to acknowledge use in your citations.

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