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Updated 12 Dec 2023
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There are various maternal nutrition-focused resources like guidelines, policy briefs, toolkits, dashboards and others being developed and shared by the government, academia, development partners and other stakeholders in India. These resources are instrumental in the proper implementation of government programmes, filling information gaps and providing insights towards achieving better maternal nutrition in the country.

Through this issue of PoshanWeekly, we share a helpful, one-stop resource guide, which includes a compilation of links to key guidelines, policy briefs, case studies, training and communication toolkits, information systems and other resources on maternal nutrition in India.

The sharing of these resources on maternal nutrition in India are meant to help you and ease the facilitation of your work in maternal nutrition and stimulate necessary programs and policy discussions for better delivery of services across different states in India.

We hope that you will find them helpful in advancing maternal nutrition outcomes – for better health and nutrition of all mothers and babies in India!  


Updated 12 Dec 2023
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