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Understanding Dietary Behaviours Among Primary Sector Worker Communities in India

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Updated 12 Dec 2023
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The study provides a comprehensive, in-depth view into collective and individual perspectives on dietary diversity, practices and perceptions related to nutritional value, needs, and supplementation across these communities and locations. Within diet diversity in households, the study emphasizes on the nutrition-related beliefs, perceptions, knowledge, and practices which influence the diets of young children (ages 0-5 years), pregnant and lactating women, and mothers of children ages 0-5 year It further seeks to understand the perceptions of the husbands of pregnant women and fathers of young children (ages 0-5 years).

Specific aims:

1. To explore factors related to diet patterns and diet diversity among the identified communities on the awareness and depth of knowledge about nutritious foods, while factoring in affordability, accessibility, availability, and acceptability.

2. To understand barriers and facilitating factors affecting uptake of optimal nutrition practices, particularly among pregnant and lactating women and children under the age of five.

3. To generate insights on market-based factors (product, price, promotion, placement) impacting diet patterns.

Based on this, the study puts in focus the following target groups to understand their diet diversity across various geographies

Purple Audacity

Updated 12 Dec 2023
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