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POSHAN-COVID Monitoring Quarterly Situation Overview (October 2021)

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Updated 12 Dec 2023
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This situation overview is produced by Nutrition Development Partners with support from UNICEF INDIA and Global Nutrition Cluster Technical Alliance. It serves to document and monitor the situation and needs of vulnerable women and children along with provision of information on an effective nutrition sector response amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. It also attempts to draw attention to what critical and granular data is missing to comprehend the impact of COVID-19 on nutrition in India. 

The quarterly report is prepared by collecting relevant information from concerned partners and gathering the related and available data from government monitoring system and key assessments. It is then shared with all nutrition partners and is also archived at The report presents most recent available information up to end of September 2021. Considering the rapidly changing COVID situation, best possible efforts are made to be specific on the time frame where data precedes the specific reporting period of July-September 2021. 

While experts continue to monitor if India will experience a third COVID wave, there is a real chance that the broader impact of COVID on families and communities will last longer, possibly even for years. It is the intention of development partners to continue these efforts to document the impact of COVID on nutrition with updates on a quarterly basis.