The United Nations Resolutions on Child, Early And Forced Marriage & Female Genital Mutilation

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Updated 27 Feb 2024
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The document is a presentation on the United Nations resolutions on child, early and forced marriage (CEFM) and female genital mutilation (FGM), which are harmful practices that violate the rights of women and girls. The presentation aims to strengthen national advocacy efforts to end these practices and achieve gender equality.

The presentation consists of five sections:

  • Opening: Nankali Maksud, Senior Advisor on Prevention of Harmful Practices at UNICEF, introduces the topic and the speakers.
  • Welcoming Remarks: Anne Grandjean, Human Rights Specialist at UNICEF, highlights the importance of the UN resolutions as tools for advocacy and accountability.
  • Speaker 1: Manal Al-Ayad, Senior Policy Advisor at Global Affairs Canada, shares the context, challenges, and achievements of the UNGA77 resolution on CEFM, which was co-led by Canada and Zambia and adopted by consensus with 125 co-sponsors in 2023.
  • Speaker 2: Odette Niamba, Minister Counselor at the Permanent Mission of Burkina Faso to the UN, explains the review process, new language, and outcomes of the UNGA77 resolution on FGM, which was initiated by the African Group and adopted by consensus with 122 co-sponsors in 2022.
  • Panel Discussion: The speakers engage in a dialogue with the audience on the best practices, lessons learned, and recommendations for future action on CEFM and FGM.